Study Committee 1

Study Committee NO(1)

Study Committee NO(1): Substations, Transformers and HV Equipment


In more details, the scope of this SC covers:

  • All kinds of power transformers, including industrial, DC convertors and phase-shifting transformers;
  • Reactors: shunt reactors, series reactors, saturated reactors, smoothing reactors;
  • Transformer components: bushings, tap changers, accessories;
  • Responsible for the theory, design, construction, and application of high voltage equipment components, equipment, and equipment systems for both AC and DC systems. This includes the behavior and interactions with, and duties imposed by the network and other system equipment under normal and abnormal conditions, testing and testing technologies, quality assurance, reliability, maintenance and asset management.
  • Responsible for the design, construction, maintenance and ongoing management of substations and for electrical installation in power stations, excluding generators.
  • Related to SC A2, SC A3 and SC B3 of CIGRE “ for more information please visit…”


Chairman of Study Committee No. (1)

Eng. Mutlaq Naif Al- Otaibi

State of Kuwait


October 2017

+974 44620497

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