Brief description of GCC CIGRE Study Committees

1 – The Composition

A Study Committee is constituted of: Chairman, secretary, 6 regular members (at least), and a panel Session convener whome must hold the individual membership of GCC CIGRE.


2 – Activities & Duties

The main activity of the Study committee is to determine the technical questions which call for collaboration between those, whom are interested in the electricity sector in the region, and to aim at advance and development in the knowledge in these fields, and to find the ideal technical and economical solutions for its related problems.


The principal tasks are as follows:


ü Setting up working groups or task forces and discussing their work.

ü Designing questionnaires, analyze and discuss it’s results in coordination with the information team.

ü Technical organization of (Regional and local) seminars and conferences, including sessions management.

ü Technical evaluation of papers submitted for the distinguished applied research award and “Al-Khaleej Electricity” magazine.

ü Each study committee should hold a regular meeting on the periphery of the GCC Cigar’s annual Seminas. the representative of the hosting country will arrange for the local organisation of such meetings. The participants will arrange and shoulder the costs of transportaion and accomodation (including local transportation and technical visits).

ü Putting forward its working program, to the technical committee on regular basis.

ü During evaluating the results of researches and proposals, the Study committee has the right to ask for expanding studies in various directions or deeping researches .

ü The Study committee carries the full responsibility for its work.

ü A Study committee can delegate the task of conducting studies. Definning works and selecting of persons and groups to carry out such works will remain the responsibility of the study committees.

ü The study committees, especially their chairmen should be committed to efficient management, organisation and performance, Clear time – schedules should be defined towards definite targets.

ü Committees work’s conclusions and results have to be communicated to all GCC CIGRE members.

Donor Members

Energoprojekt Entel Ltd


ACWA Power

Saudi Arabia

Oman Electricity Transmission Co.


GCC Interconnection Authority (GCCIA)

Saudi Arabia

Collective Members

Midal Cables Company Limited


Riyadh Cables Group of Companies

Saudi Arabia

IMCO Engineering and Construction Co W.L.L



Saudi Arabia

Intelligent Devices and Systems

United Arab Emirates

Bahra cables Company

Saudi Arabia

Al Ahleia Switchgear Co.