Study Committee 6

Study Committee NO:(6): New and Renewable Energy


  • Responsible for the field of Rotating Electrical Machines and includes in its scope all such machines for power generation and large motors for power stations. It also includes a brief to cover the application of materials technology relevant to machines.
  • Study economic and system analysis methods important for the development of power systems and to assist utilities to find the best solutions in various evolving, competitive and unbundled conditions in the context of the overall energy supply system and with social and environmental considerations.
  • To assess the technical impacts and requirements which a more widespread adoption of DG and which a larger proportion of undispatchable power generation could impose on the structure and operation of transmission and distribution systems.
  • Related to SC A1, SC C1 and SC C6 of CIGRE “for more information please visit…”


Chairman of Study Committee No. (6)

Eng. Bandar Al-Allaf

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Khaled Juffali Energy and Utilities


Tel:  +966 12 667 2222(1838)

Fax: +966 12 550 5508

P.O.Box: 8583 Jeddah 21492

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

October 2017

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