General Secretary

Responsibilities and functions of the General Secretariat

  • The daily conduct of business of the GCC CIGRE office.
  • Linkage and coordination between the committees study.
  • Preparing for meetings of the Board of Directors and the Technical Committee.
  • Cordinates between GCC CIGRE and other parties.
  • Supervising the arrangements and facilities for technical events and meetings.
  • Overseeing the financial affairs of GCC CIGRE.

Basic Secretariat activities

  • General Assembly.
  • Board of Directors.
  • Technical Committee.
  • Financial Committee.
  • Al-Khaleej Electricity Magazine.
  • GCC Power Conferences.
  • Seminars.
  • Prize.
  • Newsletter.
  • CIGRE Paris
  • Relationship with others.
  • CIGRE in Arab Countries.
  • Local activities.
  • Events tariff.
  • Membership

The Secretariat team

Engineer / Abdulaziz Ahmed Al-Hammadi


Engineer / Wesam Subhi Al Anqar


Mr.Mohamed Eltayeb Al Wasila

Activities In-Charge / Financial Officer

Mr.Ashraf Ahmed Shorman

Asst. Activities In-Charge

Mr. Sanu M S

IT Engineer

Mr. Sanu M S

Membership In-Charge

Contact address:

P.O.Box 697 Doha – Qatar
Phone: (+974) 4462 0497
Fax: (+974) 4462 0474

Donor Members

Energoprojekt Entel Ltd

Mr. Momcilo Mrvic


ACWA Power

Mr. Adel Yehia Khalifa

Saudi Arabia

Collective Members

Midal Cables Company Limited


Riyadh Cables Group of Companies

Saudi Arabia