Technical Committee

Technical Committee Structure & Objectives

1.1. Scope of the TC

The scope of the Technical Committee of GCC-CIGRE covers all the domains impacting the development, operation and performance of electric power systems, including technical, economical and environmental aspects as well as electricity market and regulation issues within the GCC.

1.2. Mission of the TC

The mission of the TC is:
o To define the main directions of the technical activities of GCC-CIGRE.
o To direct and co-ordinate the activities of the GCC Study Committees.
o To define the technical program of GCC Power Conferences.
o To propose Conferences subjects.
o To promote the participation of the Study Committees in Regional Meetings.
o To provide guidance concerning co-operation with other Organisations.
o To report and make recommendations to the GCC CIGRE Board of Directors.

1.3. Main goals of the TC

The main goals of the TC are:
o To maintain the relevance and technical excellence of the activities of GCC-CIGRE.
o To ensure that said activities of GCC-CIGRE remain closely related to the ongoing requirements of the Electric Power Industry without sacrificing an open minded view of the future.
o To maintain the leading position held by GCC – CIGRE in its “traditional” fields.
o To establish a leading position for GCC-CIGRE in “new” fields this will be identified as a result of organising of its technical activities.

1.4. Composition of the TC

The Technical Committee is composed by:
o Three members representing the GCC CIGRE Board of Directors, elected for a period of two years. One of them will be named as The TC Chairman.
o The Chairmen of the Eight Study Committees, elected for a period of six years.
o The Secretary General.
o The TC Secretary, chosen by the TC Chairman.

Current TC

  • HE / Eng. Ahmed Ali Al-Ebrahim

    TC Chairman and Representing the GCC CIGRE Board

    Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
    GCC Interconnection Authority
    Tel: (+966) 13 821-4200 , Fax: (+966) 13 821-1766 , PO Box 3894 – Dammam 31481

    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • HE / Eng. Kamel Abdul Samad Al Shehabi

    Representing the GCC CIGRE Board

    Kingdom of Bahrain

  • HE / Eng. Mohammed A. Al Muaili

    Representing the GCC CIGRE Board

    Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
    Tel: (+966) 13 868 9800 , Fax: (+966) 13 868 9801, PO Box 39558 – Khobar – 31942

    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • HE / Eng. Abdul Aziz Al Hammadi

    Secretary General of GCC CIGRE

    Manager Conservation & Energy Efficiency, Conservation & Energy Eff Dept
    Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation ”KAHRAMAA”
    Tel: (+974) 4484 5332 / 4484 6877 , Fax: (+974) 4484 6870 , P.O.Box: 41, Doha

    State of Qatar

  • Dr. Mohammad Al-Hamad

    Secretary of Technical Committee GCC CIGRE

    GCC Interconnection Authority
    PO Box 3894 – Dammam 31481

    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Donor Members

Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, UAE

Eng. Yousif Al Ali

United Arab Emirates

Oman Electricity Transmission Co.

Eng. Ahmed Abdullah Al Rahbi


Oman Cables Industry

Mr. Mohammed Al Sumri


Collective Members

Intelligent Devices and Systems

United Arab Emirates

Al Ahleia Switchgear Co.


Bahra cables Company

Saudi Arabia

Riyadh Cables Group of Companies

Saudi Arabia

Midal Cables Company Limited