11th Symposium Recommendations

1.      It is recommended to take in consideration the field geographical and environmental aspects when specifying insulators types and creepage distance for overhead lines in order to meet field requirements.

2.      It is necessary to improve coordination between manufacturers, universities and utility sectors in order to study failures and material manufacturing and design defects to reach proper solutions that suite field applications requirement in Gulf region.

3.      It is necessary to develop the proper standards for power transformers that insure high quality in design, materials and manufacturing techniques in order to maintain the life expectancy of the transform.

4.      It is recommended to adopt the water tight cables with barrier layers to prevent the water ingress into the cables, that may lead to the phenomenon of treeing.

5.      Although it is necessary to be in line with the development in material technology, it is however recommended to ensure their application suitability before approval for wide use.

6.      It is recommended to study the possibility to change conventional maintenance methods to modern condition based maintenance methods in order to reduce maintenance cost and improve the equipment availability and operating life.

7.      Encourage the universities, research centers, utilities and manufactures in the Gulf region to increase their joint efforts in research and development of the insulating materials technology.

8.      It is recommended that the GCC countries join the efforts to unify their standards and specifications for electrical equipment based on international standards to ensure the quality of the insulating materials.

Donor Members


Dr. Salem Al Harthi

United Arab Emirates

Qatar General Electricity & Water "KAHRAMAA"

Mr. Abdulrahman AlBaker


Ministry of Energy Electricity & Water UAE

Eng. Fatima Al Shamsi

United Arab Emirates

GCC Interconnection Authority (GCCIA)

Eng. Ahmed Ali Al Ebrahim

Saudi Arabia

Oman Cables Industry

Mr. Michelangelo Graziano


Oman Electricity Transmission Co.

Eng. Thani Bin Mohammed Al Khusaibi


Collective Members


United Arab Emirates



Al Ahleia Switchgear Co.


Bahra cables Company

Saudi Arabia

Mazoon Electricity Company