Preferential Subjects

GCC CIGRE 13TH Seminar
Substation Design, Operation & Control



Prefrential Subjects

1 Substation Automation
2 On line monitoring Systems and diagnostic Expert systems.
3 Intelligent System applications in power substations.
4 Advanced numerical protection techniques and relays
5 Location of PD ( Partial Discharges) by means of Electrical measurements
6 Gassing experience with power transformers
7 Transformer thermal Modeling
8 Experience with field measurements of resistive component of leakage current of metal oxide surge arresters and current pulse integrations.
9 Insulation coordination for extra high voltage power systems in polluted environmental conditions.
10 Ultrasonic test techniques in detecting gas leakage in GIS
11 Measurements of voltage harmonics at different voltage levels in power systems.

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