Recommendations of GCC CIGRE 10th Annual Seminar

Load Management & Energy Conservation

(Jeddah 10-11 November 1999)


1- Establish and apply flexible tariffs that take into account the time-of-use particularly for bulk power customers in order to conserve energy and to improve load management.

2- Encourage industrial customers to shift their loads for better load management and energy conservation during summer peak hours which will result in saving capital investments.

3- Improve the transmission and distribution networks efficiency in order to reduce energy losses.

4- Promote the co-operation between the universities, research centers and electric sectors in the fields of studies and researches aiming for better energy utilization and conservation.

5- Establish distribution control centers for better operation and follow-up on load management and energy conservation programs.

6- Encourage the usage of high efficient electrical equipment and appliances.

7- Encourage the use of thermal insulation in building, industrial facilities and residential houses.

8- Continue studying the factors and conditions that are related to load growth and electric energy consumption in the GCC Countries in order to improve planning methodologies and resource utilization.

9- Adopt and apply the standards to improve power factor particularly in industrial areas.

10- Encourage cooperation between concerned parties in the electric sectors, Utilities and Engineering Consulting offices to insure implementation of standards and regulations on electric energy conservation.

11- Intensify energy conservation awareness programs through the media and educational means.



Donor Members

GCC Interconnection Authority (GCCIA)

Eng. Ahmed Ali Al Ebrahim

Saudi Arabia

Energoprojekt Entel Ltd

Mr. Momcilo Mrvic


Oman Electricity Transmission Co.

Eng. Thani Bin Mohammed Al Khusaibi


Oman Cables Industry

Mr. Michelangelo Graziano


Collective Members

Al Ahleia Switchgear Co.


Riyadh Cables Group of Companies

Saudi Arabia


United Arab Emirates


United Arab Emirates

Bahra cables Company

Saudi Arabia

Al Fanar Co.

Saudi Arabia

Mazoon Electricity Company