GCC CIGRE 14th Seminar

1-2 December 2004

State of Kuwait



1.             It is recommended that Power utilities develop their own specifications, standards and installation procedures for the use of Composite insulators to provide the required reliabilities to the Transmission system especially in highly polluted areas.


2.           The utilities are urged to utilize all means of on-line-monitoring in order to monitor the condition of the transmission equipment and to optimize the use of the hidden reserve capacity for all bottlenecks of  transmission lines.


3.           It is recommended to improve the utilizing of Power System Stabilizers through proper and accurate system modeling, dynamic stability studies and tuning.


4.          It is recommended to use actual and accurate weather data thus reducing the assumptions in the design of overhead Transmission Lines especially for long transmission routes to minimize environmental affect to these overhead lines.


5.           In case common corridor for underground HV power cables and pipelines is used, the induced voltage should be minimized by grounding both the sheath and pipelines on several locations and proper measurement to prove that the induced voltage level is within the acceptable limit.


6.           Proper coordination between the power utilities and industries shall be done during the projects planning stage to minimize the effect of EMI on their installed equipment such as pipelines.


7.           Codes of practice should be issued and strictly followed to minimize the effects of electromagnetic / electrostatic fields on human being during work near live Transmission lines and equipment.


8.           The manufacturer of numerical protective relays should simplify the process to issue relays settings and minimize the parameters required to set the relays to avoid incorrect operation of relays.


9.           More studies need to be conducted on the phonemic of electrical trees in XLPE cables as the use of such cables is increased in high and extra high voltages.


10.        Introducing the new maintenance techniques for underground cables as well as proper installation by experts will help the utilities to reduce the maintenance cost as well as will ensure reliable under ground cable.


11.         Finding economic and reliable procedures to improve the performance of the wooden poles will help the utilities to reduce the replacement cost.


12.        Great attention should be put on the aspect of vibration when designing the overhead lines. Introducing the vibration test as one of the pre commissioning test for overhead lines projects will help the utilities to ensure the reliability of the overhead lines.


13.        Power system planners may consider other methods to reduce the increasing of fault level in power system resulted from system expansion and growth such as changing neutral earthing, ungrounding of cable shields and/or network splitting if feasible.


14.        The economic feasibility of RTV coating of insulators is to be considered as they have shown an excellent result in performance especially in heavily polluted areas.


15.        The use of AAAC conductors can be considered as they have additional advantages of higher tensile strength , lesser sag and operation at higher temperature than ACSR conductors.

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