Types of Membership

Six types of membership are available:





Student and


Advantages of Membership

1. Taking part in the Symposia (under conditions determined by the Council), i.e. to present papers and to take part in technical discussions and events organized on these occasions.

2. Taking part in technical work and to be appointed as a member of a study committee, working group, or discussion panels.

3. Receiving free or at reduced rates all documents published by CIGRE notably the periodical technical review ” ELECTRA” which, among other things, gives information on activities of CIGRE, in addition to those issued by GCC -Cigre such as Al-KHALEEJ Electricity & New Bulletin.

4. Applying to the central office of the Committee for any desired information (provided the central office is able to supply or obtain the information).

5. The right to nominated on GCC-CIGRE Board.

6. Reduce the partnership fees for all CIGRE events

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