Recommendations of GCC-Cigre’s 5th Seminar

1-     A unified technical standard for test and maintenance procedures of high voltage overhead lines and cables should be prepared based on various experiences of GCC Countries in this field.

2-     Construction of “Map of Pollutions” for GCC Countries to be used as a base for future design of high voltage overhead lines.

3-     There is a need to prepare a common standardization of insulator use in GCC Countries. More concern should be given to introduce use of polymer insulators as a partial replacement of conventional type.

4-   More attention should be directed to utilization of fiber optic as a communication medium in power systems due to unlimited advantages of such cables comparing to current mediums used in communication methods in electric power systems.

5-    EMF intensity is taken into consideration as one of the design aspects of high voltage overhead lines.

Also of concern is further research on EMF effects on human beings

6-    There are many investigations and studies in the field of planning, design and O&M experience of various elements of high voltage overhead lines and cables which have been performed and published by different parties in GCC Countries both in utilities and academic institutions. Result of these studies should be made accessible to GCC CIGRE in order publicize it and find a base for expanding utilization of such results by interested parties.

Donor Members

Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, UAE

Eng. Yousif Al Ali

United Arab Emirates

Oman Electricity Transmission Co.

Eng. Ahmed Abdullah Al Rahbi


Oman Cables Industry

Mr. Mohammed Al Sumri


Collective Members

Intelligent Devices and Systems

United Arab Emirates

Al Ahleia Switchgear Co.


Bahra cables Company

Saudi Arabia

Riyadh Cables Group of Companies

Saudi Arabia

Midal Cables Company Limited