17 – 18 /10/2001   -   30/7 – 1/8/1422



1- With the continuing growth  of industrial load and wide use of modern technology in GCC countries, it is important that electric utilities and industrial sector establish agreeable levels of power supply quality.

2- It is recommended that system planners consider having sufficient reactive power resource to facilitate the voltage control and avoid possibility of voltage collapse especially during peak periods.

3- For system reliability and stability and to avoid load shedding due to generation shortage in GCC Countries, it is recommended that power system planners determine optimum level of generation revenue margin.

4- An emergency automatic under voltage load shedding scheme is recommended to be set up and updated periodically to avoid voltage collapse in case of system disturbance

5- It is important for electrical power utilities to have a broad and well-defined power system restoration plans to restore their systems in case of black outs. Dispatchers and the system supervisors must be well trained to co-ordinate with other sections in the electrical utilities to find the best way to handle the electrical system in case of black outs.

6- It is recommended for the GCC electric utilities to repeatedly renew the protection system parameters in order to ensure the proper response and coordination of various protection components during normal and severe system disturbances.

7- Prior to any deregulation or privatization it is essential to establish an independent regulator with well defined rules.

8- With the recent advancement in the microprocessor based technology which is generally replacing conventional control and protection utilities are recommended to be prepared for the change this technology by conducting studies and forming task teams to establish a controlled and calculated changes.

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