Recommendations of GCC CIGRE 8th Annual Seminar

Power System Operation & Control

(Kuwait 12-13 November 1997)


1- Further development & Studies is recommended in the field of Load management and related technology to help meeting the high load demand during peak hours.

2- Increase the coordination level between concerned parties in power system operation in GCC Countries for Scheduling and monitoring power exchange after the interconnection, in order to insure the reliability and stability of the power system.

3- More studies are encouraged to reduce the transient voltage effect on power system equipment during switching.

4- Encouragement of conducting further studies to find a proper mechanism for the specification of tariff for the reactive power in order to maintain the stability of the network.

5- Enhance studies in the field of migrating EMS computer systems towards an open system using international standard communication protocols.

6- Exchange information for developing suitable specification for remote terminal units utilizing new technologies.

7- Exchange experiences in transforming real time power system data from power control center to other computer networks to make the information available for necessary studies and analysis by users.

8- Continuously update load shedding scheme to reflect system changes in order to maintain high security of power system during disturbances.

9- Improve the training of power system operators and engineers to enhance their capabilities specially when operating the system close to its operating limits to enable to handle system problems in highly professional manners.

Donor Members


Dr. Salem Al Harthi

United Arab Emirates

Qatar General Electricity & Water "KAHRAMAA"

Mr. Abdulrahman AlBaker


Ministry of Energy Electricity & Water UAE

Eng. Fatima Al Shamsi

United Arab Emirates

GCC Interconnection Authority (GCCIA)

Eng. Ahmed Ali Al Ebrahim

Saudi Arabia

Oman Cables Industry

Mr. Michelangelo Graziano


Oman Electricity Transmission Co.

Eng. Thani Bin Mohammed Al Khusaibi


Collective Members


United Arab Emirates



Al Ahleia Switchgear Co.


Bahra cables Company

Saudi Arabia

Mazoon Electricity Company