Study Committee 5

Study Committee NO:(5): System Performance and Energy Efficiency


  • Responsible for the identification and assessment of the various impacts on the natural environment arising in electric power systems, and the recommendation of appropriate monitoring, management and control measures.
  • Impacts addressed will include greenhouse gases, air and water pollution, lectromagnetic fields, noise, visual, land use and flora and fauna impacts.
  • Major considerations will include: sustainable development vs. economic development; risk assessment and the economics of impact containment; effective communication with the public and regulatory authorities.
  • Tools and measures for quantifying, controlling and mitigating the environmental impact such as life-cycle assessment (LCA), environmental product declarations (EPD), global benchmarking, etc. are included in the scope.
  • Methods and tools for analysis related to power systems in the following fields: Power Quality, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC, Insulation co-ordination, Lightning and Power System Security Assessment.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of new and existing materials for electro technology, diagnostic techniques and related knowledge rules, emerging test techniques which may be expected to have a significant impact on power systems in the medium to long term.
  • Related to SC C3, SC C4 and SC D1 of CIGRE “for more information please visit…”



Chairman of Study Committee No. (5)

Eng/ Salem Al Harthi

Network Services Director


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United Arab Emirates


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