Study Committee 5

Study Committee NO:(5): System Planning, Performance and Energy Efficiency


  • Responsible for the identification and assessment of the various impacts on the natural environment arising in electric power systems, and the recommendation of appropriate monitoring, management and control measures.
  • Impacts addressed will include greenhouse gases, air and water pollution, lectromagnetic fields, noise, visual, land use and flora and fauna impacts.
  • Major considerations will include: sustainable development vs. economic development; risk assessment and the economics of impact containment; effective communication with the public and regulatory authorities.
  • Tools and measures for quantifying, controlling and mitigating the environmental impact such as life-cycle assessment (LCA), environmental product declarations (EPD), global benchmarking, etc. are included in the scope.
  • Methods and tools for analysis related to power systems in the following fields: Power Quality, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC, Insulation co-ordination, Lightning and Power System Security Assessment.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of new and existing materials for electro technology, diagnostic techniques and related knowledge rules, emerging test techniques which may be expected to have a significant impact on power systems in the medium to long term.
  • Related to SC C3, SC C4 and SC D1 of CIGRE “for more information please visit…” 

  • HE / Dr. Salem Al-Harthi

    Chairman of Study Committee No. 5

    Projects Director
    Tel: (+971) 2 416 4500 , P.O. Box 173, Abu Dhabi

    United Arab Emirates

Donor Members


Dr. Salem Al Harthi

United Arab Emirates

Qatar General Electricity & Water "KAHRAMAA"

Mr. Abdulrahman AlBaker


Ministry of Energy Electricity & Water UAE

Eng. Fatima Al Shamsi

United Arab Emirates

GCC Interconnection Authority (GCCIA)

Eng. Ahmed Ali Al Ebrahim

Saudi Arabia

Oman Cables Industry

Mr. Michelangelo Graziano


Collective Members


United Arab Emirates



Al Ahleia Switchgear Co.


Bahra cables Company

Saudi Arabia