Recommendation GCC Power 2003


Muscat – Sultanate of Oman

 8th – 9th /12/ 2003 (14 – 16/10/1424HD)

Conference Recommendations

1-   GCC Electricity sectors should encourage field studies and exchange of technical information & experience on insulators performance in order to identify the best performing insulator that suit their operational environment especially in polluted coastal areas.

2-   More studies are required on XLPE insulation deterioration to learn their aging mechanism and improve material Standards.

3-   Conduct feasibility study (cost and performance) for On-Line Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) monitors for critical power transformers.

4-   Encourage building a statistical-databases for power system equipment failures and diagnostic techniques performance data to help transmission engineers to take the proper corrective actions

5-   Although studies of the adverse health effects of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) on humans have not been conclusive, monitoring of magnetic field on transmission lines and the development of improved Transmission line design that minimize EMF levels is recommended.

6-   It is recommended to continue studies into the different aspects of interconnecting the GCC grids with other regional grids, which will facilitate a more competitive and secure electricity sector in the region in light of the restructuring and the creation of competitive Independent Power Producers (IPPs).

7-   It is recommended to continue studies of specific GCC countries environmental conditions that affect the reliability and age of the power transmission networks, and develop practical, cost-effective and environment friendly solutions that would eliminate or minimize the negative effects on power system equipment.

8-   An attention should be given to harmonic levels when capacitor banks are installed in existing substations

9-   The GCC power industry is undergoing a tremendous transformation due to industry restructuring and privatization, in this new and dynamic environment, a regulatory body should be established to set the rules of the market and monitor its implementation.

10-      A special care has to be given to the coordination of transmission and generation expansions under the deregulated environment.

11-      By migrating to the deregulated environment, a new Generation dispatch techniques and practices is required by system operators to cope with the new environment.

12-      It is important to address the issue of power quality & reliability of the power system and set the standards and obligations of system users from the beginning of the deregulation process.

13-      An attention should be given to the aspect of asset management for a better utilization of available resources

Donor Members

Energoprojekt Entel Ltd


ACWA Power

Saudi Arabia

Oman Electricity Transmission Co.


GCC Interconnection Authority (GCCIA)

Saudi Arabia

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Midal Cables Company Limited


Riyadh Cables Group of Companies

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IMCO Engineering and Construction Co W.L.L



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Intelligent Devices and Systems

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