Recommendation GCC Power 2008


Manama – Kingdom of Bahrain

10-12 November 2008

Final Technical Recommendations

1.           Close coordination between all GCC Countries will provide great opportunities for all interconnected countries to share the reserves as well as to provide economic trade of energy between all parties.

2.          In order to reduce high peak demand, a load management program such as building thermal insulation, rules, standards and labeling for appliances should be effectively implemented.

3.           For the Electricity sector, it is highly recommended to set out and implement environmental objectives, rules, and requirements of international, regional and national regulations and standards.

4.           From the international experiences for the electricity industry reform, confirm that effective regulatory structure, market design and industry structure in addition to privatization are the main drives for sector efficiency and successful reforms.

5.            The operational coordination between the power utilities in the GCC states and new the IPP’s & IWPP’s must be clarified at the early stages in order to assign all the authorities and responsibilities.

6.           The new enhancements in electrical power system should consider that the projects completion must be ready early ahead of time before the actual need for those reinforcements.

7.           Generation Planning tools such as automatic generation control; unit commitment and economic dispatch have to be made available in the GCC utilities to assist the control centers operations.

8.           Power utilities must have audit system to determine whether policy/procedure, changes, refresh training and additional equipments required.

9.           The need of introducing asset management concept is highly recommended in the GCC electrical power utility.

10.     SVC can be used to counteract the air-conditioner motor stalling during faults and recover the voltage very fast.

11.     Encourage Power Utilities to enhance fault disturbance analysis tools (digital fault regarded DFR and sequences of event recorder) with all future projects should be treated as dominant fault disturbance analysis tool.

12.     time synchronized event records have been proven valuable in wide area disturbances using synchronized phasor measurements

13.     GCC Utilities shall share the experiences on the implantation of the latest technologies and concepts in substations automation.

14.     The power utilities in the GCC Countries shall adopt a strong maintenance management philosophy which considers the Condition assessment based strategy. Industry proven computerized maintenance management systems may also be adopted to support the strategy.

15.     GCC countries shall explore the international market to utilize the best approaches in reducing the risk due to the availability of gases and Sulfuric acid in power transformers.

16.     the bench marking of transmission system operation (TSO) processes such as real time operation, scheduling an operation planning varies depending on different regulatory environment which effect on TSO activities

17.     Adding intelligences in data concentrators can help to implement automatic power restoration and to improve power reliability.

18.       System security is a primary goal of the operation of GCC inter-connected network. Each country’s TSO needs to closely coordinate with GCC / ICC regarding operational aspects to enhance network operation and provide assistance during system problems.

19.     Development of special short term load forecasting model to handle special events such as Ramadan and hajj seasons.

20.     The development of distributed generation management application will become important tools for modern and future distribution control centers to operate and control a high number of distributed generations.

21.       Temperature Vulcanization Compound “RTV” Coating of the insulators is a good option available and it gives excellent results despite its limitations of coating reversion, de-polymerization, coating cracking due to Corona, and absence of standard specifications.

22.     Cable fault can be located fairly quickly and safely with minimum cost if low voltage methods as well as the historical information of the faulty cable are intelligently used first.

23.     it is important and recommended to set-up a power Technology center including a high voltage Laboratory suitably located in GCC Countries.

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