Recommendation GCC Power 2005

GCC Power 05

2nd cigre international conference

27 – 29 november 2005-11-30

Doha – Qatar

Conference Recomandations


1.           It is recommended  for the power utilites in the GCC to extend their full cooperation with GCCIA (Gulf cooperation Council International Authority) to resolve all technical & economic matters (e.g rules and regulations, trading, market administration, etc) The trading and market models of similar interconnections in Europe, USA, Central America and Asia may be studied for guidance, to establish such models suitable for GCC.

2.           Although field experiments and testing show no clear evidence for the affects of ELF-EMF on health, electric utilities are encouraged to participante in researches on the effects ELF-EMF exposure on health and to follow measures and practices stipulated in available international standerds on exposure limits of ELF-EMF to insure the safety of their workers against associated health risks.

3.           It is recommanded that when selecting the optimum insulator for application in areas with different operating enviroments, experience on different insulator designs and life cycle cost should be taken into consideration. Composite insulators are recommended in areas with heavy pollution/ contamination operation envirnments, because of their excellent preformance of compared and glass insulators.

4.           It is recommanded to develop specifications and standards application and use of XLPE cables, specifically for installation in arid, hot and humid environment of GCC countries where the underground soil has very high content of chlorides and sulphates.

5.           It is recommende for GCC Electric utilities to employ Substation Automation standar specification including System configuration (architecture) for each system voltage level and make a fully Automated Substation pilot project, using IEC 61850 protocol, to get the required experience before utilizing it in all new substation automation system projects .

6.           it is recommended for Electric utilities in GCC countries to conduct a detailed survey on international experience of applying IEC 61850, the constraints they have faced and how to overcome these obstacles. Also participate in international working groups activities on the impact of IEC 61850.

7.           for accurate protection system performance analysis, it is recommended that Dinamic protaction performance modwling modeling should be used.

8.           It is recommanded that any new type of instrument from any manufacturer should undergo a pre-qualification process prior to being approved for use in the electrical utiliy system. The project specification must clearly indicate that the relays should be selected from pre-qualified list.

9.           It is recommanded that power utilities should develop their laboratory with the latest technology and equipped with all necessary tools and equipment for prequalification, troubleshooting, investigation, development, etc of the protective relays and their test equipment.

10.       When specifying numerical protective relays, it is recommended to specify a full featured relay if economically feasible, to ensure flexibility for possible future requirement. Surplus featuers to be disabled until required. Preventive maintenance of numerical protective relays should be reevaluated based on the relay continuous self-monitoring capabilities.

11.       It is recommanded that for new overhead lines or replacment of the ground wire of existing lines, Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) should be used. Where replacment of ground wire is too expensive, self-supporting optical cable is the best alternative. Direct buried fiber optic cables should be laid along the power cables in the same trench, as this will significantly reduce the installation cost.

12.       It is recommended for electric Utilities to establish lightning databases for the Gulf Region in terms of thunderstorm days. The data to be collected by installing online Lightning Detecation Network.

13.       It is recommended for electric Utilities to adopt common and standard Performance Indices to facilitate benchmarking and comparison among systems of similar size and capacity.

14.       It is recommended to continue detailed study on the impact of using Natural vegetable oil in transformers installed in GCC countries for applications that require more fire safety and minimized environmental risk .

15.       It is recommanded that power utilities utilities to consider using DSM (Dynamic System Monitoring) System to Analyze electric system disturbances, considering the powerful analytical facilities provided by this system.

16.       it is recommended for specific operating conditions or system configurations that special protection systems are implement on a non-permanent basis to cope with such specific conditions.

17.       for proper management of network assets, especially the high value equipment such at teansformers, it is recommended to utilize the latest advancements in maintenance related technology and reflect them into the implemented maintenance philosophies and thus reducing maintenance costs while preserving equipment reliability.

18.       it is recommende for electric utilites to develop their own transformer life management plan considering factors such as transformer operation history, age and modes of failures. Strategies for spare availability should also be formulated to cover transformer contingencies and ensure minimum interruption to customers.

19.       it is recommended to encourage electric utilities to exploit the benefits of the Geographic Information System (GIS) in providing accurate and wide geographical data, which can be applied in the field of planning and maintenance.

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GCC Interconnection Authority (GCCIA)

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