Study Committee 8

Study Committee NO:(8): Power Trade and Regulation


  • Control and switching of objects, voltage control, frequency control by balancing generation vs demand, monitoring of loading limits and actions to avoid capacity (congestion management). Reserves and emergency strategies, management of fault and restoration situations, interaction between the system and power plants. Short term planning and coordination of system capacity needs with maintenance of the physical assets.
  • Evaluation and bench-marking of the system performance in terms of fault frequency, interruptions, operational and maintenance efficiency, both from the technical and economical points of view.
  • Impact on system operation targets, methods, and performance from new institutional structures of System Operators (TSO or ISO), regulators, market actors, trading mechanisms and contracted ancillary services.
  • Requirements, methods, tools (simulators) and performance indices for training of operators.
  • Development and use of power system analysis and security assessment functionalities within operational planning and supervision and the computer and telecommunication systems supporting the control centres and the operators.
  • Analyze and evaluate the different approaches and solutions and their impact on the power supply performance in support of the traditional economists, planners and operators within the industry as well as new actors such as regulators, traders and independent power producers (IPP’s).
  • Related to SC C5 of CIGRE “for more information please visit…”

Donor Members

Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, UAE

Eng. Yousif Al Ali

United Arab Emirates

Oman Electricity Transmission Co.

Eng. Ahmed Abdullah Al Rahbi


Oman Cables Industry

Mr. Mohammed Al Sumri


Collective Members

Intelligent Devices and Systems

United Arab Emirates

Al Ahleia Switchgear Co.


Bahra cables Company

Saudi Arabia

Riyadh Cables Group of Companies

Saudi Arabia

Midal Cables Company Limited