General Assembly

The ordinary general assembly meeting held every two years as an nvitation of the Board of Directors. The general assembly comprises all members will be from the Gulf, and the right of the Governing Council call for an extraordinary meeting of the general assembly. The agenda will be sent with the call for the convening of the meeting and limited debate on the contents of the meeting agenda only. And the general assembly is valid if attended, representing more than 30% of the votes of the members. And monitors the activities of the general assembly will be like the Gulf of receipt of the reports of the Governing Council and the accountant’s report and the legal review and adoption of the final accounts of the Gulf and will elect members of the Governing Council or removed if it sees the appointment of accountant and legal and which must not be members will be the Gulf. In addition to the annual report of subscription fees will be in the Gulf or amend the statute.

Headed by board chairman and general assembly meetings in his absence, the Governing Council chooses his or her representative from among those present to preside over this meeting. The decisions of the general assembly by majority vote of those present or represented at the meeting In the case of a tie which side it is likely the President.

Each membership collectively funded or the right to send a representative with five votes, and each individual member one vote. It is also right for each member, whether individual or collective or funded, send a representative to be members of the Gulf and has the right to participate in the debate and that after the election to be handed a mandate in writing to the Secretary-General to be the Gulf.

Donor Members

Energoprojekt Entel Ltd


ACWA Power

Saudi Arabia

Oman Electricity Transmission Co.


GCC Interconnection Authority (GCCIA)

Saudi Arabia

Collective Members

Midal Cables Company Limited


Riyadh Cables Group of Companies

Saudi Arabia

IMCO Engineering and Construction Co W.L.L



Saudi Arabia

Intelligent Devices and Systems

United Arab Emirates

Bahra cables Company

Saudi Arabia

Al Ahleia Switchgear Co.